Let's face it, running a small business is no walk on the beach.



All of your dreams can quickly be bogged down in the sheer volume and breadth of things to learn, projects to manage, and strategies to create and execute in order to grow your business.

It can be overwhelming.

I assist small businesses in creating strategy or providing support that they need without the expense and risk of hiring a full-time employee. I partner with you to figure our your needs and deliver just the right amount of help you need to make your life feel a new level of ease and relaxation, even if you can't make it to the beach.


"Applying creative thinking to an uncreative field gives you an advantage."

— Rod Judkins, The Art of Creative Thinking


My holistic, thoughtful approach results in solutions and strategy that solve problems and bring your business to a new level of success. 


Services offered include:


Website Management

Research & Information Management

Brand Management & Strategy